We raise the standard by which all dog food is measured. Dishes For Dogs uses only human grade ingredients and recipes formulated by one of the most respected Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist in the country. We never use any preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, by-products or ingredients from China. Our Mission is simple: Advance health through better nutrition by producing the highest quality dog food possible.

So, my dogs just tried your turkey and sweet potato recipe and I am happy t report that they are looking at me like 'where can we get more of this delicious food'. They inhaled it! Lol!

Susan T.

Mr. T. goes crazy at feeding time now, haha!

Johnna M.

Lola loves your food, I've never seen her so excited.

Maria Y.

Tillie actually loves the chicken and she has never been one for dog treats, unless it is off our plate.

Philip K.

Picked up a couple of your treats on Lincoln Road today, safe to say my baby Bruce LOVED them! Thanks guys, can't wait to visit in Wynwood!

Lorena D.

His skin irritation has gone away, and he does not have as much eye tearing (boogers). Elvis really loves his new food blend.

Kimberley M.