Your Preparation

Step 1: Thaw - Gently thaw frozen DFD packet at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It is only necessary to bring the frozen packet up to a temperature that makes separating a smaller portion from packet possible. It is important not to cook the food, as it has already been lightly cooked to best maintain its nutritional integrity, while also removing harmful pathogens.

Step 2: Portion - You can reference our feeding calculator located on our navigation menu at the top right of this page to help determine the appropriate serving size, based on your dog's weight. We recommend using a scale for increased accuracy, however you can also use measuring cups.

Step 3: Serve - Some dogs may prefer to have their meals warm, which is best done by submerging the portion (in a separate small bag) in hot but not boiling water. You can also heat the meal briefly in the microwave on the low setting.

We recommend to discard any unpackaged, uneaten food left out for more than a few hours.