• There are so many natural food options. What makes DFD unique?

    With so many options on the market for premium, organic, or natural dog foods, it can easily become overwhelming. Here are a few things that make DFD the highest quality and most effective diet for the maintenance of your dog’s health.

    • USDA Certified Ingredients - Dishes For Dogs only uses ingredients certified by the USDA for human consumption. This ensures the highest safety, quality, and bioavailability of essential nutrients.
    • Dr. Justin Shmalberg - All of our diets have been developed and formulated with consultation from Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Dr. Shmalberg has helped us to merge a whole foods approach with the latest science regarding pet nutrition. He is a board-certified specialist in both small animal clinical nutrition (DACVN) and canine rehabilitation and sports medicine (DACVSMR). Currently Dr. Shmalberg is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Service Chief of Nutrition and Integrative Medicine as well as the Medical Director of the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital.
    • Balanced Diet - In addition to the nutrients present in the whole foods, DFD diets are balanced with a recipe-specific VitaMineral mix, formulated by Dr. Shmalberg. This is to ensure your dog achieves its full potential and nutrient deficiencies do not occur over time.
    • Complete Transparency - At our Canine Kitchen in Wynwood, Miami we offer complete transparency. Customers can visit us to pick up some dishes or treats, while witnessing the integrity of our process and the quality of our ingredients. Plus, they can pick up some fresh dishes cooked that very same day!
  • What are the benefits of a DFD diet?

    The benefits of a DFD whole food, cooked diet are numerous.

    • Shinier, softer coat
    • Fresher breath
    • Supports digestion and assimilation of nutrients
    • Helps to strengthen the immune system to fight infections
    • Supports a long and healthy life
  • Where can I buy DFD?

    We are located at 2561 N Miami Ave, next to Lock & Load. Our Canine Kitchen is dog-friendly so you and your dog can visit and see exactly how our meals and treats are made. Our diets and treats may also be purchased via our online store.

  • Do you deliver?

    Dishes For Dogs delivers within a 15 mile radius and the cost is determined during the checkout process after the shipping address has been provided.

  • Do you ship?

    Yes! Our goal is to improve the health of as many dogs as possible. We currently ship our treats anywhere within the continental U.S. You can order them here. We also offer shipping of our frozen product to the east coast. You can order up to 40 LBS of food for a flat shipping rate of $35.

  • How much do I feed my dog?

    For feeding recommendations please reference our feeding calculator located on our navigation menu at the top right of this page. The serving portions are based on feeding an active adult dog once daily. These numbers should be used only as a guide, as every dog has their own unique metabolism and activity level. We do recommend using a digital scale for increased accuracy, but you can also use the measurement provided in cups. Always make sure to monitor your dog’s weight and adjust serving size as needed.

  • How do I prepare the food?

    • Thaw - Gently thaw frozen food in the refrigerator. Many people prefer to store a few days worth of food in a resealable container. This makes feeding time easy and mess-free.
    • Portion - Reference our feeding calculator (located on our navigation menu at the top right of this page) to determine the appropriate serving size, based on your dog's weight. We recommend using a scale for increased accuracy, however you can also use measuring cups. Separate the appropriate amount.
    • Serve - Simply place the proper portion in your dog's bowl and watch him/her enjoy better health through nutrition.

    We recommend to discard any unpackaged, uneaten food left out for more than a few hours and to discard unused refrigerated food after 5 days.

  • Is the food acceptable for puppies as well?

    Yes, most DFD diets are considered balanced meals for all life stages. However, the daily feeding recommendation for a puppy is slightly different and can be determined through a free consultation with a DFD team member. Contact us at (305) 505-5712 or info@dishesfordogs.com.

  • How long does the food last?

    We vacuum seal and freeze our dishes immediately after cooking to best preserve the nutrient integrity and bioavailability without chemicals or high pressure processing. Our meals will last up to a year in the freezer or 3-5 days in the refrigerator. We recommend to discard any unpackaged, uneaten food left at room temperature for more than a few hours.

  • Can I feed my dog DFD right away?

    In order to avoid digestive issues, it is very important to slowly introduce any changes to your dog’s diet, regardless of the quality. Below is our recommended transition guide.

  • Do you make food for cats?

    We would never leave the cat lovers behind! Michael has a cat of his own, Monsoon, so having options for our feline friends is a top priority after we open our canine kitchen. Stay tuned!

  • Can I cook the meals at home?

    Cooking for your dog can be a lot of fun! We sell our VitaMineral mix along with the recipes and detailed cooking instructions so that you can cook a fresh meal for your pup at home! Check them out here.

  • Can I mix dfd with dry kibble?

    Yes, you can mix DFD with dry kibble. Mixing DFD with kibble is a great way to improve the quality of your dog’s diet.

  • What if my dog doesn't like the dish?

    We are confident your dog will like all of our dishes. However, if your dog turns his/her nose up at any of our products we will gladly make an exchange or issue a refund.

  • My dog is currently on a prescription diet. Can he/she eat DFD?

    Dogs with a number of health issues may thrive and improve on the right DFD diet. That being said, your dog’s safety is our primary concern and we require contact with your current veterinarian for his/her approval before beginning a DFD diet. This is why we recommend that you contact a DFD team member directly at info@dishesfordogs.com or call (305) 505-5712 to discuss appropriate diets. If necessary, we can refer you for consultation with our veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, at which time a custom dietary plan may be developed.

  • What is the guaranteed analysis?

    The Guaranteed Analysis is essentially the pet food industry’s version of the familiar Nutrition Facts label found on our food. Although not as detailed, the Guaranteed Analysis contains percentage figures of at least four components: Protein, Fat, Fiber and Moisture. This makes comparing similar types of dog food easier for the consumer. However, when comparing different types of dog food (i.e. fresh food vs. dry food) the guaranteed analysis is less than ideal and very misleading. The moisture content is much higher for fresh food and therefore is responsible for a larger percentage of the finished product. Thus crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber will read as a lower percentage when compared to dry food. This does not mean that fresh food has less protein than dry food, but instead reflects its increased moisture content. DFD sends all dishes to be tested at two independent labs in order to get the most accurate results and we have included them on each label.

  • Are dogs Carnivores?

    Dogs are actually omnivores, especially domestic dogs. Given their evolutionary history alongside humans domestic dogs, like people, tend to be very efficient at digesting carbohydrates. If you think about human diets, many of the most functional foods are those foods that have unique nutrients - the things that give vegetables and fruits their color and flavor. Those particular compounds are not found in proteins and fats. As a result, our diets have been carefully formulated with these unique fruits or vegetables to create the best nutrient blend for your pet. We include not only what is required, but also ingredients that can assign better benefits to optimize health. So, unlike cats and other carnivores, dogs should be regarded as omnivores. Carbohydrates are important and they can be used to maximize the overall health of your dog.
  • Can I rotate diets?

    Absolutely! Once your dog is fully transitioned to a fresh food diet, rotating between any of our Daily Maintenance Diets is entirely appropriate.
  • Should I expect a change in my dog's stool?

    Yes. Due to improved digestion and better absorption of nutrients, the volume of waste typically decreases on a whole food based diet.